Our Story and Our Mission

Our Story

Our story began by listening to patients with chronic diseases. Patients have been telling their doctors that they cannot afford necessary treatments for their chronic conditions due to the limited availability of Chronic-Special Needs Plans in the market. Over 100 nephrologists decided to take actions and started Gold Kidney Health Plan. Their goal is to provide the needed coverage for patients with chronic diseases. Gold Kidney reduces patients’ cost share by offering Chronic-Special Needs Plans that offer low to no member costs for select treatments for chronic conditions.

Our care model is simple: removing patients’ barriers to care by empowering our physician partners to have full authority to direct the care for our chronically ill members. Gold Kidney’s patient-centric care approach integrates payor, provider, and care management technology to effectively improve patient outcomes and quality. At Gold Kidney, the patient’s well-being is our number one focus and priority.

our story

Our Mission

Gold Kidney is a Medicare Advantage HMO with Special Needs Plans specializing in serving individuals with chronic conditions that lead to kidney failure, such as diabetes, heart failure, and cardiovascular conditions. Our goal is to improve your health and delay your disease progression, and if you must start dialysis, we will be with you and your significant others to help you understand and facilitate your choices for starting on dialysis, receiving a kidney transplant, and/or continuing to live the quality of life you desire.

That's why we've partnered with your trusted primary care physicians, nephrologists, hospitals, pharmacies, and other providers - to make sure Gold Kidney Health Plan members get the right care at the right time with the right resources. Our mission is to improve your health outcomes by empowering you, your caregivers, and your providers with expanded access to health care, lower out-of-pocket costs, and benefits designed specifically for your daily health care needs.

Our Mission